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Alexander Advisory provides a holistic approach to identifying the above problems by initially working alongside the client and their existing professional connections where necessary. Alexander Advisory does not threaten the family’s existing advisors as we work on a purely transactional basis.
We can often cement their existing relationships as there is a 52% probability of an advisor’s mandate being changed on the death of a leading family member and a 96% probability of this happening on the death of the surviving spouse.
We select, from our close knit group of specialist advisors, those who are best able to give the client the most relevant help and assistance. None of the specialists are household names and all are extremely discrete. They are also regarded as leading players in their respective fields by their peer groups. These specialisms include: 
• Corporate Intelligence
• Risk Management
• Cyber Security
• Psychotherapy
• Counselling & Mediation/Conflict Resolution
• Corporate Governance
• Legacy and Heritage
• Family Office independent Monitoring